Declaration: There is no relationship between and

Recently there is a new site at claiming that SecureChain AI is an AI-powered blockchain platform. In addition, SecureChain AI also issues their cyptocurrency/token SCAI coins 6 months after the new site launched. In some documents such as “Terms of Service” (, SecureChain AI also confusingly uses the name “SecureChain”.

We hereby declare that, there is no relationship between and our site We, (“Securechain”, “Securechain Team”), is an independent team maintaining SecureCoin ( and relevant infrastructures such as SecureCoin block explorer ( since 2015. We have also not issued any cryptocurrencies/tokens. SecureCoin is a bitcoin-like alternative coin since 2013.

Accordingly, we are not responsible for any results from SecureChain AI. If you are a user of their platform or coin, please do so at your own risk.